This was the outcome of my 15 day baking course, Where i had learned to bake 15 types of savories and 15 types of desserts . I learned a lot  from it and I am looking forward to attending  more of these classes. Continue reading

I absolutely enjoy baking vanilla cupcakes, because you can have any kind of topping for it. I went with butter icing with colorful sugar toppings, Simple but delicious 🙂 Continue reading

So this one is my first trial on egg less brownies and it turned out to be pretty good. I loved the way it turned out despite being one of my first trial of egg less cakes As we all know brownies goes really well with vanilla ice-cream as a dessert 😀 Continue reading

This is one of my favorite, one of the reasons is because I love lemon flavor 😉 Also I have received good feedback about this cake. This lemon cake taste  absolutely amazing when its hot, with a cup of tea or black coffee.   Continue reading